35W Solutions Alliance

Economic Growth . . . Moving People and Goods in the I-35W Corridor


35W Solutions Alliance Goal:

The Alliance members support funding, building, operating and maintaining a robust multimodal transportation system along the 35W corridor between Elko New Market and downtown Minneapolis that reduces congestion, improves safety, and enables the metropolitan area and the state of Minnesota to better compete economically with other areas of the United States and the world.

While the Alliance principally focuses on I-35W it also recognizes the impact that changes to the wider transportation system may have on 35W. Accordingly, it may undertake advocacy related to north and south arteries including Hwy 169 and Hwy 77/Cedar Avenue, and east and west connectors, including I-494, Hwy 62, and Hwy 13.

As a multi-jurisdictional Joint Powers Board, the members of the Alliance will pursue the following outcomes during the 2020 legislative session:


Support additional transportation revenues to meet the 35W trafficshed related needs identified in MnDOT's 2017-2020 Statewide Transportation Improvement Plan and the 35W trafficshed related needs of the Metropolitan Council's 2040 Transportation Policy Plan.

Strategies for Highways:

Priority Projects for Highways include:


Support adequate capital and operating funding for transit systems to achieve the regional 2040 Transportation Policy Plan (TPP) goal of doubling transit ridership by 2040.

Strategies for Transit:

Priority Projects for Transit include: