35W Solutions Alliance

Guiding Principles

The Guiding Principles in establishing our prioritized project list are:

  1. Improve safety by reducing crashes and fatalities in the corridor through key investments that reduce bottlenecks; reduce conflicts; provide and/or enhance transit (shift users to safer modes) and improve operations/management (lane controls).
  2. Optimize existing and planned investments by supporting projects that can more fully use existing infrastructure capacity.
  3. Transit and multimodal investments that develop transit services and stations that can enhance travel options, as well as more fully use investment in the managed lane system.
  4. Promote projects that enhance travel reliability as well as provide more user choice in terms of routes and modes.
  5. Promote projects that balance access (i.e., reduce conflicts and improve safety) as well as encourage Transit Oriented Development (TOD).
  6. Support projects that provide larger benefits to the corridor and/or region.
  7. Projects should have local support to be considered as a coalition priority.